Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Order?

Once you have decided on what sort of design you’d like for a cake, just simply fill in the form on the Contact Us page or send an email to the email address supplied. Be sure to include what date you’d need the cake for, what sort of size you’d need and what design you’d be looking for! If you’re unsure of a design just yet that’s not a problem, but to help me provide an idea of the sort of style you’d be looking for. Feel free to attach images from my gallery or google that you like to help point me in the right direction! I aim to reply to all enquiries within 1 working day (open Tuesday-Saturday), but this can vary at busy periods so please bear with me, I will get back to you as soon as I can! Please don’t message across all online platforms; I will get back to your original message when I am able to.

What Is The Ordering Process?

Once I have confirmed that I am available to make a cake for your chosen date I will then ask for a few extra details, including final design, flavours and messages written on the cake. Once this has all been finalised I will then ask for a small non-refundable deposit to be paid to secure your date (which is the taken off the total price owed at the end). PLEASE NOTE: You are not booked in until the deposit is paid- please pay the deposit ASAP after ordering otherwise you may lose your space! Deposit amount depends on price of cake:
Cakes up to £70= £10 deposit
Cakes up to £120= £20 deposit
Cakes over £120= £50 deposit
All wedding cakes require a minimum £50 deposit.
Once your payment has been received then that is you all booked in! I will then be in touch a week before the cake is due to organise a collection time.

What Is The Collection Process?

The week before you are due to collect the cake I will get in touch to organise the best time to come by. You will be able to book a 1 hour time slot to come and collect the cake. If anything changes regarding this time then please let me know ASAP, I organise everything around my collections so last minute changes/late collections may result in me not being at home when you come by! I will do everything I can accommodate changes in times, but the more notice given the better to help me adapt to this. Please be aware that collection times are during open times only!

How Much Is A Cake?

Possibly one of the harder questions to answer! Prices entirely depend on design, it’ll depend on how long each cake will take to make as to how much they will cost! Prices of previous designs are here on the website to give you a rough idea, but if you’d like to get a quote for a cake just send on over an email with details or photos of what you’d like and once the design is all sorted I’ll be able to give a rough price! The more detail you give, the quicker I’ll be able to give you an idea of price. Another factor for pricing is the size of the cake, so don’t forget to let me know how many tiers you’d be looking for!

Where are you based?

I am currently based in Gilmerton, Edinburgh. Due to this being a home address I do not supply it on my website/facebook, but you will be given the full address upon ordering.

Can You Make Any Allergy-Free Cakes?

Unfortunately at this time I am unable to cater for allergies or dietary requirements. Due to working in a domestic kitchen all allergens are present (often in abundance!) so creating a safe allergen free space is nearly impossible - I don’t have the space to have separate mixers or equipment too! As such I can only offer my regular sponges cakes-sorry!

How Do I Transport The Cake Safely?

NEVER put the cake on a car seat! Never ever!! Car seats are slightly slanted, so even just in a 5 minute car journey the cake can start to lean. Put the cake somewhere flat- the best place is in the foot-well of the car. If it is too big for this you can also put it in the boot- I use towels to stop the cake from sliding around as they won’t put any pressure on the cake to damage it but are enough to stop it from moving. A large cake is usually heavy enough to not move about but it depends on how much friction the surface of the car boot creates so it can be best to put something down as a precaution! Also try to maintain a cool temperature in the car - if it is too warm the icing will start to soften and can create a whole host of problems. Unfortunately I cannot accept any responsibility in the rare event of any issues occurring during transporting the cake however I will be more than happy to offer advice/help should there be any issues! Just message my email and I will try to reply as soon as I can.
All cakes are also supplied in appropriate boxes/packaging so don’t worry about needing anything to transport it! Please don’t try to put the box into a plastic bag or anything similar as this often creates more problems and can damage the cake.

How Do I Store My Cake?

Most cakes do NOT need to go in the fridge; if decorated with sugarpaste icing the fridge will actually damage the cake as the moisture in the fridge will settle on the cake’s surface and ruin the decoration. Buttercream cakes with no sugarpaste decoration can be put in the fridge but really this isn’t necessary unless it is an especially warm day or in a room that’s very warm. Most cakes are absolutely fine sat out at room temperature, out of direct sunlight; they don’t even need to be covered as the icing acts as an airtight cover for the cake!

Do You Deliver?

At the moment I am unfortunately unable to offer delivery for celebration cakes, all orders are for collection only from Gilmerton. Weekend deliveries can be available for wedding cakes within the Edinburgh area at an additional cost but I am somewhat limited to what I can offer- please message for more details.